Black & White Wedding Photography

Sevenoaks documentary wedding photographer-1.jpgSevenoaks documentary wedding photographer-2.jpgSevenoaks documentary wedding photographer-3.jpgSevenoaks documentary wedding photographer-7.jpgSevenoaks documentary wedding photographer-8.jpgSevenoaks documentary wedding photographer-9.jpgBlack_and_white_wedding_photography_kent_0022.jpgBlack_and_white_wedding_photography_kent_0031.jpgBlack_and_white_wedding_photography_kent_0033.jpgBlack_and_white_wedding_photography_kent_0035.jpgBlack_and_white_wedding_photography_kent_0036.jpgBlack_and_white_wedding_photography_kent_0038.jpgBlack_and_white_wedding_photography_kent_0039.jpg

These are a selection of the images in my main gallery given a twist of editing.

This is something people exclaim all the time, ‘I love Black and White Wedding Photography’ it’s no wonder really they have a quality that is un-inturupted by colours and really strip an image to its basics.


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Black & White Wedding Photography

Sometimes I shoot and see right away that a shot is going to be black and white, sometimes its when I am going through an edit that a shot screams out black and white, and on rare occasions it is a get out of jail free card if the lighting is really bad, an example of this would be a room where I really wanted to get the shot that had a strip light, a window and perhaps a standard lamp and just to add to the fun some coloured lights, this is not made up there are venues that have it all going on at the same time.

You can mess around for ages with white balance etc to try to get it right but while your doing that your missing loads of other things going on so the best thing to do is shoot.

The resulting image may be over saturated or have an orrange glow about it and if you drop saturation and then adjust white balance you can get it looking ok, however creating a black and white image and adjusting the contrast can do wonders for it, so there is the get out of jail free card, the same as everything though it can be over used.