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Wedding photography Kent selection of wedding shots and pre-wedding shots from Kent and the south east.


There are many more wedding photography examples I can show you if required, however I believe that anyone can select their best shots to look good.

Therefore I offer to all of my wedding clients a free pre booking shoot.

I have shot many times at Cooling Castle Barn, it's a great location for Weddings and wedding photography

This is where we meet, have a shoot for an hour or so and then I go away and produce a gallery so you can see the picture I take of you before you book me!

Obviously if you live in Scotland or a good distance away I would ask you to come to me but I will travel the distance between say Sevenoaks and Canterbury, London is no problem either, South-bank has lots of great locations to shoot.

Free pre booking photo shoot sample 
This is where I have a free photo shoot and meeting with my clients before you book me
Knole Park Sevenoaks free no profit get to know me shoot

The pre booking shoot also gives you the chance to meet me and see how I work and if you actually like me, I think this important as you will be spending you whole day with me more often than not.

And for your information pre booking shoot’s are free of charge.

To book your shoot simply drop me an email or call 07939 041105

What if I’m already booked?

No problem I have a group of recommended photographers I can introduce and the booking would be the same, the free pre- shoot and so on, you can see shots of Jemma, Paul and John lower down on this page.

I would still be responsible for the editing of your wedding photography, and the book if you are having one, the only difference is, it will be someone else there shooting, and you would have met them and had a shoot with them before you book.

Can we have all the images copyright free?

Yes, however I am a full time photographer and there would be a cost, please see the price guide for details.

Another photographer offered us the full day (between 11am and 4pm) and a disc of all the images (he said there could be 300) copyright free images for £400.00, oh and he said he would put up a slide-show on the day of all of the pictures he had taken during the day 🙂

Yes people do say this to me, honest they do.

Firstly, Is this person a full time photographer?

have they the correct insurance, public liability, experience , and top end equipment?

I can tell you now, photography is an expensive business, equipment needs maintenance, upgrading, get damaged, insurance cost a fair packet and if someone is offering photography for an unbelievably low cost, well you have heard the phrase ‘you get what you pay for’

Bad wedding photographer example taken from the Mirror story
Bad Wedding Photography

 Are there two photographers on the day?

This is a question raised quite often, I can provide a fully experienced second photographer or a student who will have good enough skills to be trusted to cope with what I ask them to do.

I believe getting involved is the best way to learn and many starting out want to shoot weddings but don’t have the confidence to dive in, it’s up to you, more often than not I use either John, Jemma or Paul who are all experienced photographers.

One of the images from my desktop photo kiosk with Jemma and I
Jemma and I hard at work

If you are happy with a student it will obviously be a cheaper addition to your ‘package’ that a full time photographer working with me but that’s your call, on average it would add £200.00 to the day’s cost.

Matt James Photography and John Coster setting up the photo booth
John Coster and Matt James hard at work again!

How long will it take to see our photos afterwards?

I normally try to have your gallery edited and ready to view within three weeks, sometimes it’s sooner, however please keep in mind that during the height of the wedding season I may be shooting 7 or 8 weddings in one month resulting in perhaps 10,000 plus images to edit so sometimes it can take a little longer.

Matt James photography and assistant Paul Lehane in between shots
Paul Lehane in between shots while the wedding breakfast was in full swing