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How much will it cost to have a wedding photographer ?


If your looking for a photographer to shoot your wedding for almost nothing then I am afraid I am unable to assist, I based my prices on a painter and decorator who painted a room and ceiling for me in a day and charged me £200, I thought this was a fair price, he had a brush, ladder and roller and if he got it wrong then he can paint over it again.

I, on the other hand, have £5m insurance on average £15K worth of equipment and a wealth of experience in my occupation as well as being a ‘blooming nice bloke!’ so I’m told 🙂

£850 gets me there all day and pays for approximately three days editing after the wedding as well as hosting the gallery and insurance and equipment maintenance

I collect a small deposit of £200 to secure the date and this differs from others who can ask up to 50%, the balance is payable no later than the day of the wedding, please be aware that the deposit is non refundable as once booked I will be turning away other clients and should you cancel I may not be able to find another client to fill the day, however the deposit is transferable should your date be moved to an alternate date (If I am booked on that date I will offer the provision of another trusted photographer to shoot for me and I will still edit, however if you prefer to decline this offer then the deposit is non refundable as this would be considered a cancellation)

Then you decide what book you would like if any or if you want the high resolution images on a disc and so on

Books range from £125 to £350 an average being £400 on a large bespoke 11 x 14 leather book (and above if you really want a huge book) depending on what type they are, I will bring a few to show you if you book your free shoot

Full resolution copyright free (copy them, print them, anything you wish) images on a disc cost £375

New for 2017!

360 photography ! a unique image that you can view in 360 glasses to take you right back to the day.

Ready for the handfasting at Mountains country house – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA



Your wedding video

Rather than having lots of people running around all trying to capture the same thing stepping on each others toes why not get me to shoot your wedding video while I am there? I will have James with me if I am doing this and we work like a well oiled machine to make sure everything is captured.

More and more people like a highlights video that usually lasts around half an hour or so including details from prep to the first dance

Video services start at just £400

For those of you who really need to see a ‘package’ then I can offer everything from just capturing the ceremony and a few group shots through to full coverage and into the evening fun.

* Me there all day shooting and three edit days afterwards plus gallery hosting is £850

* Second photographer from preparation to when I finish £200

* Second photographer from preparation to ceremony start £125

* Bespoke book 10 x 14 approx 38 pages with a leather cover is £350 – £600 depending on page count the average is £400 though – an A3 version with 150 images is available for £700

The covers on these can be Leather and acrylic – Leather only – embossed leather

The most expensive book I can do is £900 this is an A3 book with 200 images 50 + spreads (100 pages) really heavy and boxed (very rare that anyone has these)

These books can also be square and landscape or portrait – if you are having matching parent albums of the larger ones then the parent albums also increase

* Cheaper A4 coffee table books with 20 pages (10 spreads) are £125


(Please note that parent albums have the same layout as the main album and obviously the same images – it takes around a day to create the book layout and sometimes people want alterations made I do this without further cost until you are happy with the layout even if it takes four or five edits, therefore if you would like different images in the parent or bridesmaids albums (if required) then I have to charge a design fee of £125 for each separate design, however depending on your )


* Thank you cards £1.25 each (these are Clinton style quality cards on heavy card with individual envelopes)

* Photo booth in the evening at the reception plus unlimited prints £350 (this includes the data from the booth)

Picture framing is also available with a huge selection of frames and mounts price depends on size and frame type

* A data DVD of images from the day is £375

  • Multiple photographers if required
  • Web galleries as previews
  • On site print available
  • Wedding coverage from 5 hours to 12 hours
  • Free pre booking shoot (wedding clients)
  • Photo – Booth for wedding clients if required
  • Signing boards
  • Guest books
  • Large bespoke albums
  • Small discrete albums
  • Picture framing service
  • Digital re touching
  • Photo cut out service
  • Photography tuition
  • Editing tuition

Just want the ceremony covered and group shots afterwards as well as some reportage shots and a disc? no problem bespoke packages created to suit your need and pocket

Discounts will apply for weddings during November-December-January-February-March and also events during this time

Also discounts on late bookings will apply but are based on availability (Also Mid-week weddings and events)

All of my clients are very important clients and where we can we try to fit your budget so please contact us if you have another wedding photography package you want us to look at for you

Portrait photography Prices

On location or at our studio (Tonbridge)

Prices for portrait photography start from as little as £65.00

Studio package £275 including fully edited gallery, shoot time 4 hours, complimentary 16 x 12 prints (x2) and 20 6 x 8 prints, plus all high resolution images from the session.

Inclusive packages are available for everything from Actor Head shots through to full days makeover shoots including a make up artist and hairdresser if required.

Bespoke packages can be created that include prints, images on a disc or you may pay only for the shoot and purchase what you want following the shoot, please contact us with your request.


Event Photography

For all event photography please email your requirements along with the date of the event


or call 07939 041105  – 01959 569714

Some of our current clients include – Grant Thornton – PWC –  The Lost Village of Dode – The Bull Hotel Chislehurst – Private clients – Event organisers – Wedding Planners – Equestrian groups

A note about charges

I have worked out my prices to be competitive with other professional photographers, it’s likely that you will be taking some time to find the most suitable photographer for your wedding, event or portrait and obviously the quality of work is important but budget can also have a huge impact on your final choice.

Many companies offer very attractive packages on the face of it and include phrases such as these:

* Photography for up to 8 hours

* A disc of up to 400 images

* pre wedding consultation

* Documentary coverage of your wedding day


These are just some ‘phrases’ you need to look out for, why? well let me interpret for you.


* Photography for up to 8 hours – this is a statement that puts a top and tail on the ‘package’ you are receiving, in other words once 8 hours is up…the job is finished or perhaps more money to stay on, what if things run late, the car broke down, the DJ or band arrive at the reception late…


My service is open ended so I am there until you are happy I have finished (obviously within reason, but so far I have never had a problem) an average day is actually around 10 hours from prep until after the first dance.


* A disc of up to 400 images – are they full resolution, copyright free, what if the gallery is 800 images or 1000 or even 1200, yes you guessed it for an extra un disclosed amount you can have the rest of the images


My average gallery is 1200 edited images from a full day, more if James is with me shooting, and I charge one set price regardless of the image count £375 full resolution copyright free.


* pre wedding consultation – Once you have booked and paid a deposit you can meet the photographer, how nice.


My offering is a pre booking shoot, the only time there may be a small charge is if I have to travel some distance to meet you, other than that its free, we meet for around an hour, chat, have a shoot, have a coffee or tea and you ask questions, when I return home I get to work on an edit and post a gallery to you via email so this way you have not only seen how I work but the shots I take of you and how it felt, what better way to make sure you have found the right photographer and all it cost is the time you gave up to do it.


* Documentary coverage of your wedding day – This sounds so cool and trendy very boho and modern, photography interpretation…..I don’t do group shots


Your wedding day is the only day aside from a funeral where all of your family and friends will be together, groups shots can be fun and relaxed and a sharing experience for everyone involved they don’t have to make the corners of your mouth ache or feel awkward if the right person is conducting, and probably most importantly they don’t have to take hours.

There are a few really important ones such as the whole group, the parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, bridal party (usually includes brothers sisters etc) aside from these the rest of the day is ‘documentary photography’ and I will shoot anything you want me to no matter how unusual the request, and if you don’t want group shots, then just let me know.


I do hope these tips help you when considering who to book for you big day or event.

Finally I also have another website bespoke for documentary wedding photography, this can be found at