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Portrait photographer sevenoaks kent – Family portrait photographer sevenoaks kent

Portrait photographer sevenoaks based in kent – Family portrait photographer sevenoaks

Portrait photographer sevenoaks Kent, Available for various assignments in and around Kent and London, for more examples please feel free to contact me.

No, I don’t just shoot weddings, Portrait photography in Kent, London and the UK is a large part of my work, the key to getting a good portrait is being able to understand a persons personality, if you can do that then your halfway there, after all a portrait should be a still image that tells a story about that person or group, and again very much the same as wedding photography if your subject feels relaxed then you will get a better shot.

That’s why people like reportage photography because the subject has no idea they are being photographer and are ‘being themseves’

And just because I am a Portrait photographer from Sevenoaks, Kent, I am not tied to the area and can travel to assignments that same as I do with lots of other assignments, so please feel free to contact me to see If I am able to help you may be surprised at what you hear.

If you would like Studio photos with white backgrounds, high key very similar to a large chain that is well known for this style, we can do that, if you want natural light, outdoors wandering around a nice park then we can do that and if you are looking for shots at your home we can do that as well, whatever you require and whatever idea you may have it’s probably possible, we have photographer most things from a Dog in a coat waiting for a train through to boudoir shots as a gift.

Most of our work comes through personal referral, so hopefully that says something about how relaxed people feel around us.

Casting Call Pro

I also shoot for Casting all Pro one of the leading Actor – Model – Agent websites – special rates are available if you are a Casting Call Member.