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Basically I am a Wedding and Portrait photographer, that is my main occupation however I am not just a Wedding and Portrait photographer I shoot anything pretty much, there are a few exceptions but not many so please feel free to get in touch to find out about more of my services.

We have shot for the BBC, at corporate events, Products, actors, models and even cardboard box’s, please don’t think we just do weddings.

Below are a collection of various shots from various weddings and a couple of pre wedding shoots.

There is a trend now to set up a styled shoot, it’s a good way of a venue, make up artist, hairdresser, florist etc etc getting some shots to use commercially to promote their business.

I have one issue with this and that is some clients look at these shots that have take all day to get just right without 90 family and friends and the caterers and location and toastmaster and everyone else and the weather and the drunk uncle causing a problem and think that’s what the shots will look like. 

One client even said on the day, I have seen a shot where all the ushers and groom and best man are sitting on high back chairs reading newspapers and love it, can we do that?

My reply is yes of course but we don’t have a room with a large fireplace in this square 1970’s golf club, or the high back chairs but I am sure we can do something similar, do you have the news papers? 

No, I thought there may be some here.

So the moral of the story is I am happy to shoot anything pretty much, whatever makes you happy, but be realistic and if your ‘special’ shot needs props then bring them with you please.

Getting back to the styled shoots, some people also use the shots on their websites, I just want to say mine are all real weddings, no models, no perfect lighting, no waiting until the sun is just so, it has to happen to fit in with your day, you do not want your day adjusted to fit the photography, but keep it in mind of course.

Below is a downloadable guide to our pricing and menu of services, after that is the terms of service.

You can see more examples of my work at

Weddings at Riverhill Gardens in Sevenoaks shot by recommended photographer Matt James Photography
Riverhill Gardens Sevenoaks
Wedding at the Bell in Ticehurst shot by Matt James Photography
The Bell at Ticehurst
One Warwick Park photographed by Matt James Photography, we actually shot the first ever wedding here.
One Warwick Park
Cain Manor wedding photographed by Matt James Photography
Cain Manor
I am also recommended at the Hop Farm Paddock Wood
The Hop Farm
I have been the official photographer for Dode Church for many years and it still amazes me every time I visit.
Dode Church
The Orangery at Turkey Mill was one of the first weddings I ever shot so it has a special place for me
Buxted Park is a beautiful venue
Buxted Park
Eastwell Manor is an impressive location and has many ideal photo opportunities
Donnington Manor Hotel is an other location where I am the official photographer
Donnington Manor Hotel Sevenoaks
St Julian's Club only entertain a few weddings each year to keep it exclusive
St Julian’s Club Sevenoaks