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photography studio Kent – sevenoaks photographer

Photography studio Kent ?,Yes, Matt James photography offers studio photography as well as weddings and event photography in and around Kent, London and the UK, and we have out own photography studio in Tonbridge, Kent, where we can accommodate  everything from fun photo-shoots, hen parties, model portfolios, through to pet portraits and product photography

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We also have locations available in London but there would be additional hire charges incurred when using these facilities.

Prices start from just £65.00 for a sitting fee in the studio, Day rates for commercial shoots are £275.00 a day to start, make up artists, hairdressers are also available based on hourly or day rates.

Services include, Macro photography, pack-shots, creative photography and editing and digital retouching, we can also offer a cut out service to tidy up your web images for approximately £15-20 per image depending on the subject matter (as this can be a simple process or a very long process)

We can also offer photoshoots like a main retail outlet that shoots very high key with pushed colours and contrast, however you wont be paying the rates they charge, and no huge surprises when selecting your images and prints either.

so for anything from packaging to portraits from boudoir to model portfolios and from family to fun shoots we can help.

Here are some examples.

* Studio portrait shoot – an average of 2 hours available £65.00 or £125 including a disc of edited images

* Commercial rates from £75 per hour including edited (not cut out) shots from the session (cut out rates apply as above)

* Feel famous day: A whole day in the studio with a make up artist/hairdresser – as many outfit changes as you can fit in – a 16×12 print of your favourite shot, 20 6×8 prints and 10 6×4 prints plus a disc of up to 50 of your favorite shots from the gallery. £750.00 (price includes after editing time to produce the gallery of an anticipated 100 plus shots, and creative/art editing)

* Boudoir shoots – 3 hours in the studio or at your home £175.00 including a disc of up to 20 images from your gallery and 5 6×8 prints (upgrade to include a book, perhaps as a gift for an extra £125)

* Model portfolios – Kick start your modeling career with an outstanding set of images from £125,00 including a disc of up to 40 images, 2 hours studio time (upgrade to pro model for an extra £275.00 to include make up, a book and all edited images from the shoot, 5 hours studio time)

All packages are liquid and can be tailored to suit your requirements.

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