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Event photography Kent – Event photographers Kent

Whatever your event if your looking for Event photography or  Event photographers in Kent or the UK please contact us to discuss your requirements, we have the equipment and experience to achieve great results during and after your event, you just have a great time and we will capture it.

We can provide professional event photography and have had experience with everything from A list subjects to huge groups, we can also offer multiple photographers and print/sales on site, with a team of friendly photographers that will help make your event experience a great one.

Previous clients include, Grant Thornton, PWC, St James’s Place Wealth Management, ICON Branding, Round-table, Rotary clubs, Chelsham and Bromley Riding Club, Jorrocks Hunt Club, Fickleshole Show, Glade Music festival, Sunrise Music festival, Lounge on the Farm Music festival, The Hop Farm War and Peace show and many more.

Also don’t forget the Photo Booth and dress up for parties.

But its not all music and dancing, it may be a commercial presentation, a sports event, dance classes or even promotional presentations


Local areas often covered are – Sevenoaks – Tonbridge – Royal Tunbridge Wells – Bexley – Maidstone as well as London and all surrounding areas, we don’t restrict where we will go but distance and event attendance may have an influence on pricing, please email matt@mattjamesphotography.co.uk with your enquiry.


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