product photography Kent – promotional photography


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product photography Kent – promotional photography

Commercial Photos – product photography Kent

We also offer Commercial photos and product photography in Kent so if you have a product or item that needs inspirational design or photography to promote them, like when meeting a person for the first time, first impressions count, it is important that you don’t invest time and money into a product or idea only to scrimp on the production of suitable high quality images for posters, websites, packaging and catalogues, here at Matt James photography we can offer help and advice from the photography through to the design and realisation of your ‘brand’.

How much will all this cost?

Well it’s hard to put an exact figure on it as some products like bottles require a little more time being reflective, I don’t know if you have ever tried to make a bottle look like the pictures in the adverts, my advice is don’t try unless you have a good amount of free time, however we can shoot these in comfortable time and provide ‘cut out’ shots ready to go, our rates can be hourly (the rate has to include basic edit time to provide balanced images, not cut out) and start at £65.00 per hour, day rates are also available and reduce the overall cost considerably.

What about web ready images cut out?

To cut out images from their background we charge between £15 – 20 per image depending on the subject matter

I only have a few items, can you still help?

Yes of course, even if it’s just one item we can help, however our normal hourly rate applies, each case is considered though so if it is only one product but you may be there 5 times a year then i’m sure we can arrange a discount for you.

We have bulky items that won’t go upstairs?

I am afraid that if your items will not go up a staircase then it wont go into the studio, however we can arrange a visit to your location and bring lighting to shoot on site.

Can you collect and return our items?

I can collect smaller items however it is preferable if they are delivered to the studio.

Am i right in thinking you can also design logos and have items printed?

Yes, I am able to offer design services for logos, websites and e campaigns, all I need is a brief and away we go, If I am unable to assit then I have many qualified creative contacts that I can intrduce you to.