black & white photos

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black & white photos – selection of the images in my main gallery given a twist creative editing.

The reason for this gallery is to demonstrate the editing possibilities of the shots taken during your wedding, Black & White wedding photos have their own life.

Lot’s of people love black & white photos, Where possible when creating your gallery, if an image shouts out for the ‘special treatment’ then we will go ahead and produce something, perhaps black and white wedding photos perhaps highly enhances colours.



black & white photos

Oh, and before you ask yes we can do the colour / black and white thing you see everywhere but please don’t ask us to make the brides lips red and everything else black and white unless its really a matter of life and death 🙂

Obviously, if there are things such as a dustbin, a nasty spot or a  sweet wrapper we will automatically remove them from the shot, so please don’t think if you have not ordered extended editing your images will be substandard.

The thing about Black & White wedding photos is in this day and age of technology when we can record videos with out mobile phones as opposed to having the equivalent of a suitcase on your shoulder, and everything is instant, stripping an image, a moment, a fraction of an event down to a still images makes you think about the story behind the image.

When you then reduce it further to Black and White, it makes you think about the shot even more, perhaps it’s because there are no colours telling us the mood.

For example when we shop for our food there is so much in the way of subconscious marketing going on that we take for granted, top of the range foods are packaged in royal blue and rich colours where as cheap own brands are in pale blues and whites, with black and white photography there is no identity, no instruction just the image, and you make your own mind up about what it’s telling you.

Beware though, black and white editing is also a ‘get out of jail’ free card for many photographers, if an image is shot badly, turn it black and white and all of a sudden it looks cool, you will hopefully recognise a shot intended to be black and white from an emergency edit after looking at some of these shots, though on occasion I have to do that as well 🙂

Black & White wedding photos and some explination

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Black & White wedding photos - wedding photographer in Sevenoaks Kent








When I shot this image, I knew that it was going to be black and white, it’s obviously the moment just before the Bride exit’s to go into the church, she is with her brother, and the expressions on both faces tell this story perfectly, there has been no crop to the shot, its as it was and as it happened, this sort of shot reallt captures the subjects imagination, it may not have the same effect on you but picture the people in the shot being you then consider.


Black & White wedding photos - wedding photographer in Sevenoaks Kent










This shot has a real ethereal feeling to if, the light catches the veil and there is only one way the bride is going now, what is she thinking.