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Corporate & Events Photography



Events photography including Music festivals/performance, Prom nights, Sport’s photography, Parties and Commercial photography.



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Events Photography and how it fits into Wedding Photography.

Lots of people ask if I just photograph weddings, well though this is the main part of my photography business, it’s mostly weekends, yes I have lots of editing as well but I would not be much of a photographer or events photographer or indeed have many inspired ideas if I just photographed weddings and nothing else

Many occupations offer the same routine week after week and I guess it can be like driving the same route over and over and sometimes when you arrive at your destination you don’t remember the journey.

The way I work, every wedding is like my first, I take ideas that I have come up with events photography, sports photography or whatever it is I am shooting, and transport the idea to weddings, this keeps me excited and vibrant when I work.

Above you can see some samples of event coverage from music festivals to art installations.

The best advice I can give anyone starting out is photograph everything you can, and do as much as you can for the love of it rather than for money, the day will come where confidence levels and knowing what you are doing will enable you to charge for photography work, but until that time keep it a hobby.

When I shoot event’s I often bring great photographers along who are not doing it full time but want to learn more and this works very well indeed, and there is no risk that anyone will suffer if the shots they take are not quite up to scratch, that’s why I get worried about brides and grooms who have their friend shoot their wedding because they have a nice camera, there is so much more to it than that, yes you have to start somewhere but the best way is to team up with a full time photographer and learn.

#Kasimira party shot by – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA










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