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About Kent Wedding Photographer

Kent Wedding Photographer


Kent Wedding Photographer is the heading but we shoot everything from weddings to product photography in my studio in Tonbridge as well as offering family photo shoots in Kent and London at your home or my studio, I also shoot events, actor headshot’s, commercial, sports you name it, and in fact wedding photography covers most situation all in one day and it only happens once so what better practice for everything else and everything else is good practice for weddings! works both ways.

I think with any walk of life if you have a passion for what you are doing you will exceed, photography offers this, along with the improvements in technology that actually work hand in hand with the creative eye, photography is a passion that will always offer new ground to cover, it’s this continuing progression of subject, environment and interpretation fires that passion.

I won’t ramble on for too long although I do think it’s a good idea if you understand my background and how I became interested, or realized I was what some call a photographer.

Ever since I can remember I carried a camera with me, even if it was a disposable Kodak! as a young man out with my friends, it was me who ended up capturing our days out, people and places we had encountered and then popping the film in the envelope to send off for developing, then I received free films back, this only encoraged me to shoot more, and guess what?  the developers used to put stickers on the photos, over exposed, shutter speed too slow and so on, it was like a distance learning course.

I learnt to play guitar when in my teenage years and started playing in bands, as responsibilities change so do your hobbies and pastimes, being in a band was restrictive in that you had to get several people in the same place at the same time, I needed something that I could do at the drop of a hat, therefore I moved into visuals for bands, this is called VJing, it involves live mixing visuals to compliment whatever the bands performance is putting out.

While being involved in this there were many photo opportunities available to me and more and more my excitement was about the pictures I would get rather than the visual performance, it was only then I remembered as a child looking through the catalogue and selecting a ‘make your own camera kit’ when I was only 11 years old, the realisation that my childhood passion was put on the shelf for some time was quite an emotional one I can tell you.

To cut a long story short, this progressed to full frame digital capture, until I realized, this was photography!

Unobtrusive, natural, unique, that’s what I look for.

It could be your Wedding, or a special event, reportage photography will capture those ‘real’ moments that you remember forever.

So if you are looking for a Kent wedding photographer and portrait photographer Matt and James can help



James Cowell Photographer

I once shot a wedding and had a wonderful time at Cooling Castle Barn, the people getting married were James and Louise, it was a great day and after the wedding James and Louise were very happy and James then decided to let out of the bag that he was interested in Photography! would I mind if he sent some images over for me to have a look at he said.

One thing led to another and it ended up with James shadowing me at my weddings where if he made a mistake it didn’t matter.

years later and James and I still work very closely together and in fact James and I quite often will have two Matt James Photography bookings on the same day with James at one and me at the other, and very often we double shoot, especially if I am doing video as well.

James is extremely analytical and a trained engineer so his technical knowledge is amazing but technical ability is not everything, it takes having passion and understanding of emotion to shoot weddings and James has that in addition he is easy to get on with and very calm and patient.

James is an extremely valuable addition to Matt James Photography and I am lucky to have shot his wedding in the first place or perhaps we may never have met.

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oh my God a new camera shot – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA


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